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Usi metalice Eco

Metallic doors E:

• dimensions: 2050X860 mm
• thick sheet metal door frame: 0.8 mm
• thick sheet metal door sheet: 0.4 mm
• when the door sheet opens to an angle of 90 degrees, it has  a hinge axis travel of 0.8 mm
• surface structure is straight and smooth.
• No obvious dents or mechanical damage.
• paint is applied evenly, with roughly uniform brightness and color, without defects such as spilled paint or unpainted surfaces.
• viewfinder with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees
• do not include ringing
• Adjustable stainless steel hinges and are buried in boxes
• 5-point locking system
• Opening angle-90 degrees
• Open: the left and right
• U steel reinforcement inside to increase resistance to shock
• 5 keys and 2 keys copy secure mounting
• The interior door honeycomb filled with insulating material.